Sonic Framework

Quick Start

for linux and mac os x (and windows?)
  1. Download the sonic source code

  2. Unarchive the source.

    mkdir sonic && tar xzvf sonic.tar.gz -C sonic && cd sonic
  3. Run the install script - specify the directory you want to install to as well as the application namespace

    ./install /path/to/sonicdemo SonicDemo

    You can pass in the argument --core-only if you would like to create a very lightweight application that includes just the core MVC framework and nothing else.

  4. Follow the instructions in README to setup your vhosts in apache and setup your /etc/hosts file

    cat /path/to/sonicdemo/README
  5. Hit your site in a browser


This is the fastest possible way to get set up.
If you would prefer a more manual approach download the source code and follow the instructions in the provided README file.